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K47 Capsule Premium

199,00 ex. VAT

M7 Capsule Premium

299,00 ex. VAT

Premium K84 microphone capsule

From 120,00 ex. VAT

👍 M&M Microphone capsule

Welcome to the page dedicated to our Premium capsule range. We currently offer 5 capsules of premium manufacturing and quality available at retail. Our capsules are manufactured on the basis of the original capsules of the microphones of major brands.

We use German gold mylar with a thickness of 6 microns ! We sell our capsules through our registered trademark “Replica Microphone” guaranteed quality and tested by Mic&Mod.


✅ Quality check engagement

Each capsule has a quality control approved by our technicians, we inspect the slightest scratch on the membrane that could make the capsule unusable.

👉 CK 12 Capsule Premium by "Replica Microphone"

The famous Premium CK-12 capsule by Replica Microphone is a faithful copy of the original used notably in the very famous AKG C12, but also in many other models such as the AKG C414, it uses the same premium manufacturing principles as the originals and a high quality sound! 

👉 K47 Capsule Premium by "Replica Microphone"

Our K47 Premium capsule by Replica Microphone is the perfect replica of the very famous K47 present in the vintage U47 microphones from the end of the 60’s, its robust and very pure construction will satisfy the purists of the German brand, this capsule will be available in the U47 kit with the K47 option.

👉 K67 Capsule Premium by "Replica Microphone"

Our K67 premium capsule is a faithful reproduction of the original U67, it is made of the same materials and has the same characteristics.

👉 K87 Capsule Premium by "Replica Microphone"

As its twin sister, the K87 premium capsule uses the same manufacturing process as the K67, with the difference that the latter has an additional cable for the insulation of its membrane, it has the same characteristics as the originals present in the current U87 models. 

👉 M7 Capsule Premium by "Replica Microphone"

The M7 Premium capsule is the most prestigious of the brand because it is highly sought-after by the microphone purists of the 1950s who were the pride of the brand! Stopped at the end of the 50’s for wear problems, it is now back with more durable and quality materials, ideal to find the vintage sound that we love so much!