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M12 Microphone Body

249,00 ex. VAT

M414 Microphone Body Set

299,00 ex. VAT

M47 Microphone Body

299,00 ex. VAT

M67 Microphone Body

229,00 ex. VAT

M87 Microphone Body

259,00 ex. VAT

👍 M&M Microphone Body part

Welcome to our microphone body page. These premium quality unit body are complete and ready for your new DIY microphone project ! We sell single microphone bodies with XLR pine already wired. A rail to fix the PCB and a mount with a capsule holder in the upper part. 

Our microphones bodies are premium quality, made with durable quality materials, and designs that will allow you to have the best in your recording studio ! 

✅ Quality check engagement

We check each microphone body in detail to ensure that there are no missing cables or parts, and that they are not scratched or damaged.