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Our engineers have given great importance to the schematics of the original vintage microphones, for the most perfect clones possible.

Neumann U47 vintage

Easy to build

The tube microphones already have a power supply assembled and carefully calibrated in our workshops. A step-by-step assembly guide is available for download to make your job easier.  

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Newage studio
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" I don't know if I mentioned this to you, but some time ago we were recording a million selling international artist. We had some good mics to choose from; among others U-87, AT 5040 and CM-7, and I brought four of my tube mics; C-12, ELA M251E, U-47fet and the U47 kit. Out of all mics we chose the u47 kit! 😀 It delivered just the right quality and sound, and everyone was really impressed with the results! "
Matthias S.
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" I bought the U47 two days ago and I could already test it in my studio a litte bit on vocals and electric guitar. Such a great mic! I am very impressed! It gets my vocals and guitars exactly where I want them in the mix and has such an amazing character (just like the original, I guess). I could never have managed the same with my Neumann TLM 102 (which has a very different character of course, but the U47 sound was indeed just what I was looking for). I have also compared the frequency response to the Neumann U47 graphs and it really seems to be absolutely identical. What you can‚read in the graph is the warm, rich and detailed classic vintage sound which is just what I love about this mic already! Thank you for this great deal and the fantastic microphone! "
Karl C. Clark
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" Just receive and assembly your kit. Unfortunately don't have money to buy the real unit 10k$ ouchhh. Sound just beautiful for vocal session in our studio, go to mic for vocal "
Lukas L.
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" We did some shoot out and very much like it. It takes EQ better than the Pearlman 47, At first glance it is unspectacular but after some listening it has everything and is very forgiving for sharp s (as the german language has). It's better close to the membran than far away. I have quite a big studio and own pretty much every relevant mic. I'm thinking of buying one from you and maybe later a U47fet. "
Sylvain G.
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" très satisfait de ce kit, monté avec facilité grace au tutoriel. Comparé mon ancien TLM103 et pour le même prix, bien meilleur résultat sur voix et choeur "
Fleischer R.
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" HQ replica of the famous U47 mic. Very close to the real unit (but I have a replica with M7, more darker to my opinion), for a multipurpose mic, K47 is better. "
Fred S.
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" I love this mic! You certainly need enough knowledge of electronics and a fair amount of patience to build it, but when you succeed, it will put a big smile on your face! For now, I've tried it on vocals, acoustic guitar and drums and in my opinion, this kit captures the U47 sound and vibe very closely. (Btw: Although tube equipment can get quite hot, I haven't experienced any heat issues with the MK2) Micandmod team: Well done! "
Libor P.
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" My microphone has a great sound. I also U87, U47 but it is infinitely better. "

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