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Build your Legend Vintage Microphone

Choose your vintage handmade microphone, legendary kit of the world’s leading recording studios!

Same schematic, same sound, no compromise

Our engineers have given great importance to the schematics of the original vintage microphones, for the most perfect clones possible.

Easy to build

The tube microphones already have a power supply assembled and carefully calibrated in our workshops. A step-by-step assembly guide is available for download to make your job easier.  

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M49, great Mic

We’ve used the M49 on a major session this week and can confirm it has a superb and open sound. We’re delighted and will be ordering another shortly.

M12 DIY Microphone Kit
Evgeny Klukin


Very great value!

Very well built capsule with resistant materials, I took all 3 models and I'm very satisfied with the sound, it's a very far thing from the cheap capsules that have dips on some frequencies. I recommend 100%.

M84 DIY Microphone Kit
Alexander Hermann
Hervorragender Sound!

Ich habe Mic&Mod über eine Facebook-Werbung gefunden, weil ich schon lange nach einem KM84-Klon zum Bauen gesucht habe. Dieser hier ist perfekt, er klingt genauso gut wie ein Paar Original-KM184, die mir ein Freund geliehen hat.

I replaced my 2 NT5s!

We're really not in the same league as my old Rode NT5s with these KM84 clones. The sound is precise and fits perfectly into the mix. No need for equalization. I use it on upright piano and acoustic guitar takes with incredible results. I discovered mic&mod recently, and I think I'll be taking a lot more of their micro in the future, perfect!


Les micros sont toujours aussi bons avec un son dingos ! Bravo à vous et merci.

Love the box

This one fits many types of mics, and I am very happy about its look and feel,
much recommended to any one who own mics they like to take extra care of.

Another great kit to build a masterpiece

Thanks to the option to order the kit without a capsule I was able to customize it with an M7 capsule. Compared to the other kits this one is a little bit brighter than the tube-U47 (M7) and sounds a little bit more natural and balanced with my voice. The quality of the components is as excellent as in the other kits. Just follow the steps in the guide carefully and you will get a gem! Professional soldering equipment is mandatory, gloves very recommended especially for the high impedance section.

Great and best price when you buy a kit!

The box is elegant, spacious, my U47 is well protected when I'm not using it, and there's a discount on it when you buy a microphone body or kit on the site! Very great 👍🏻

Mic&Mod Vintage Microphone logo badge kit
Very good finition for my mic!

The logo is of very good quality, the paintwork is well finished and gives the microphone a professional look, I love it!

Perfect 414!

Excellent microphone, exceeded my expectations. I like the sound better than today's AKG original! The kit is not intended for beginners, but it is not too complicated either. The instructions are very good. The sound is very natural, uniform and resolute without any harshness. The capsules are very well matched. Perfect microphone for recording acoustic instruments or voice! The polar characteristics are very uniform and the sound is always consistent. I'm recording a concert Steinway D with them next week.

Better than the Neumann legend

I have now built 3 of them and all sounded richer and clearer in comparison shots than an original Neumann U87Ai. My recommendation: Use the attached modified capacitor for more low end and search for the mod for the low cut filter in Discord!

Plus qu’un micro, une révélation !!!

J’ai eu plein de micros avant, AKG C414, Shure SM7b, Neumann TLM49 et plein de classiques en studio mais j’ai pris une claque en entendant le C12 la première fois et encore aujourd’hui, c’est toujours une sensation incroyable. Ce micro est riche, chaleureux, ferme, il a un rendu toujours précis et brillant mais jamais aggressif ou désagréable.
La qualité inégalée auparavant pour moi de ce micro m’a poussé à prendre un U47 quelques semaines plus tard et je suis devenu complètement fan ! 😍❤️

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Un grosse dose de douceur assurée

Un micro tellement doux qu’il donne vraiment l’impression qu’on chante dans un nuage de soie ! J’ai adoré le construire et j’aimerais trop en avoir un autre (au moins) pour faire la paire ❤️

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Good value!

I bought it for a personal DIY project, the capsule is delivered quickly in a protective case, it's very well built, the sound is really great, the high and bass are very well reproduced.

Pas besoin de plus !

Pas besoin de plus dépenser, la qualité neutrik est là, d ailleurs les pro les utilisent couramment .
résiste au soudage , contacte doré , robuste ...
porté plutôt vos efforts sur l acoustique de vôtre local . c est là que l on gagne et pas sur les détails insignifiants que peut apporter une fiche quelque soit sont prix .

Excellent connectors.

Good quality and price. For this money, it can not be better!

Good choice

I bought this one to build a cable for connecting my audio interface with my headphone amplifier.
It did not take much time because the Neutrik NP3 X is well manufactured and easy to solder.
It workes just fine and I never had a problem with it. I would buy it again for another cable.

Bullet-proof industry standard

I use Neutrik connectors almost exclusively because they are a great design - super strong, well shaped tips that make a good connection to the socket, grippy but not bulky and a superb cable strain relief. They are also easy to work with, soldering them is a joy. You simply cannot go wrong with Neutrik connectors.

Solid connector

The design is vastly superior to cheaper connectors.
The way the body is connected to the tip, with the strain relief pushing both parts together, there is simply no way, this connector will open by itself. Also the strain relief is very long, with a gradient crossover between cable and connector, which makes it very good in the long run.

Why choose anything else?

As for NP2 X: Neutrik plugs are more expensive than most of the contenders, and they will set you back quite a bit if you're buying bulk. However, I've had enough no-name connectors fail on me through the years to appreciate the build quality of Neutriks, and I will try to get ahold of Neutriks whenever I'm going to solder my own cables.

TRSs are not as easy to solder as XLRs, but absolutely manageable.

Overall, a high quality product at a right price.

excellent quality as expected from Neutrik

I have and will continue to buy Neutrik sockets and connectors as they are of a consistently high standard.

Every component part of the jack is robust and up to the rigours of studio and performance life.

The soldering to the ground and ring terminals is the only tricky part of this particular connector (as opposed to xlr terminals) but that is more down to my own soldering capability, but it is manageable and the surrounding plastic insulation is very resilient to the occasional slip of the soldering iron!

Top product.


Great, love this one.
I used this to make a multi cable for my pedalboard, for cable method and amp switching al trough one multi-cable great, very good quality too.

sehr gute Qualität

super verarbeitet und leicht zu löten.

Fiche de bonne facture! Parfait

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