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👍 M&M Microphone Kits

Welcome to our DIY microphone kit page. These premium quality DIY kits are complete and ready to build, you will only need a soldering iron, a multimeter and time to get the best of vintage microphones at a great price!
We make some of the most faithful reproductions of the original models that we offer voluntarily without brand or logo to allow the customer to customize them as he wishes !

⛔️ The kits are sold in their entirety with the elements present on the advertisement of sale, you can find parts in retail sale in “Microphone parts” no kit will be able to be the subject of a sale of partial element!


🤔 Why choosing a D.I.Y. Microphone Kit?

Building your microphone yourself gives you several major advantages :

🤔 What if I have no knowledge of electronics?

You always have the possibility to give us the building of your microphone, we will then do the same work as you in our workshop. Simply select the “Assembled kit” option when ordering!  You will therefore have the following advantages:

🛠  Building Guide and support included

Each of our kits include a building guide that can be downloaded from our website in the “Downloads” tab. You will then be able to follow step by step the construction of your kit and contact us via our forum help center ” discord ” available in the ” contact ” tab if you need help !
Our microphone kits are the perfect vintage clones of Neumann, AKG, Telefunken and many other prestigious brands from 50’s, no longer made and very expensive on the second hand market! We offer you an equivalent or even better sound for each prestigious model because we select top quality components !


🌎  Worldwide Shipping

We ship worldwide by the main carriers from France (La Poste, Chronopost, Fedex, DHL, TNT, etc…) Delivery times vary depending on the country and the customs blocking time of each country. We follow the progress of each shipment until its final delivery.

For kits already assembled by Mic&Mod, delays may be a little longer.

↩︎ Return and Garantees

You have 30 working days to return your purchase if it doesn’t suit you. The kit must be in the same condition as you received it, not built for DIY kits and with all the elements be taken back.

Microphones already built or customized by Mic&Mod at the buyer’s request will not be taken back. It’s a realization specifically made for the buyer. 

Return shipping costs are at the buyer’s expense. The refund will be made after control of our service of returns on the same method of payment as at the origin. (Will not include PayPal or credit card commission fees and original shipping costs)

You benefit from a 2 years parts and work warranty (from the date of purchase) for kits purchased already built (Kit option:  Assembled) for DIY kit option, this warranty only applies to defective parts.

Please note that the tubes are not part of the warranty, no manufacturer can guarantee the life of a tube because it varies according to its use, we make tests of operation and noise for each tube that we put in our kits. 

For more details, see our return policy here 👉 Terms and conditions

 Quality check engagement

We want the best for our customers, that’s why we have set up a quality check service, in order to best test each component present on the kits, to guarantee the best use when building your microphone.


⚠️  Warning and Advice ! 

Our microphone kits are reserved for users with knowledge of electronics in order to avoid any risk of accident, it’s necessary to read the build guides before purchase to verify the feasibility of your DIY project. Built kits will not be taken back or exchanged !

Mic&Mod recommends simple welding with fine stranded wire. No need to use shielded wire. Copper or tinned copper will be fine for your build. The external PSUs are already built and ready to use, they are delivered with a European cable that will have to be replaced for countries using different voltages, it will also be necessary to change the voltage present on the box.

Our technicians will be able to give you advice on Discord, if you think you won’t succeed, you always have the possibility to buy it built at Mic&Mod



🎶 M&M microphone range video demo

🎤 U47 Microphone DIY Kit

Our DIY model clone of the Neumann U47 comes in two versions, one with a premium K47 capsule and a premium M7 capsule version for the purists of the vintage models of the 50s !

🎤 U47 FET Microphone DIY Kit

Our DIY model clone of the Neumann U47 FET  with a premium K47 is the perfect clone version for the purists of the vintage models of the 60s !

🎤 M49 Microphone DIY Kit

Our DIY model clone of the Neumann M49 comes in two versions, one with a premium K47 capsule and a premium M7 capsule version for the purists of the vintage models of the 50s !

🎤 U67 Microphone DIY Kit

Our Neumann U67 DIY clone model is unique because it has the same design and same switchs as the U87 with the warm sound of the EF86 tube tested and approved by our engineers, you will, of course, be free to change it for an old NOS Telefunken or other, its K67 capsule of solid German Mylar construction will bring you a unique experience.

🎤 U87 Microphone DIY Kit

Our DIY model Neumann U87 is the most faithful reproduction clone of the original, it features the most advanced FET on the model as Neumann still designs them today! It also has 3 switches for sound settings such as Omnidirectional, Cardioid, Eight present on the original model..Not forgetting its premium German Mylar K87 capsule, ideal for your big recording sessions.

🎤 C12 Microphone DIY Kit

Our model DIY AKG C12 is one of the most versatile clone kit and easy to build, it has a CEK 12 capsule of very high quality and will delight the most demanding! Its sleek and fine design will delight lovers of the AKG brand and its mythical model !

🎤 C414 Microphone DIY Kit

Our model DIY AKG C414 is one of the most versatile clone kit,It is the smallest model in size of the AKG brand, very appreciated with its CK-12 capsule, it will be the ideal microphone to record voices and instruments. It is also the most transportable microphone for those who have mobile studios and are looking for quality and vintage.