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Why buy an expensive vintage microphone in poor condition, when you can build it yourself? Order now our vintage microphone kits to assemble yourself.

NEW 2021 Kits

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Special pre-order price, limited offer and quantity!

K87 Capsule - T87 transformer

M7 Capsule - BV8 transformer - EF806S Tube

K67 Capsule - BV12 transformer - EF86 Tube

CEK-12 Capsule - T14 transformer - 6072A Tube

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Your Microphone Kits

Limited offer and quantity!

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U87 DIY Microphone Kit
U87 DIY Microphone Kit (New Edition)
Premium K87 capsule + T87 transformer
899,00 449,00
C12 DIY Microphone Kit
C12 DIY Microphone Kit (New Edition)
Premium CEK-12 capsule + T12 transformer + Russian selected 6072A tube
1 099,00 599,00
U67 DIY Microphone Kit
U67 DIY Microphone Kit (New Edition)
Premium K67 capsule + BV12 transformer + Russian selected EF86 tube
1 299,00 699,00
U47 DIY Microphone Kit
U47 DIY Microphone Kit (New Edition)
Premium M7 capsule + BV8 transformer + Russian selected EF806 tube
1 499,00 799,00

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U87 DIY Microphone Kit
U87 DIY Microphone Kit × 1
Subtotal 449,00
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