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Finding the best K67 Capsule replacement for your microphone is not always easy. Yet more than 80% of the microphones on the market use the same capsules. And you will see that it is not always very expensive to replace a capsule.

How to find a K67 Capsule for replacement ?

Did you know that many of your microphones have a K67 capsule ? And even the most expensive microphones on the market often have the same capsule as some entry-level microphones.

Why ? Simply because these capsules are excellent qualities !

For example, the latest microphone from Telefunken, the Telefunken TF39 has this capsule. It is a K67 that can be found in most of the condenser mic on the market.

Telefunken sells this capsule on its website, at the rate of $145 for one capsule. It is called the TK67D Capsule.

Telefunken TK67D Capsule

The Neumann K67 replica

This K67 Capsule is a replica of the Neumann U87 Ai, a modern version of the vintage U87 series.

This capsule can be easily found on the Web, in cardioid-only or omnidirectional versions.

The best address at the moment to find this capsule is at the giant Thomann. Basically, it’s a replacement capsule for their T-Bone SCT-700 microphone. But in fact, it is the K67 capsule that can be found almost everywhere in studio mics.

Thomann K67 capsule replacement for SCT-700

Where to find a good K67 capsule as replacement ?

You can buy this capsule directly from their website. It is called the t.bone Microphone Capsule SCT700.

Be careful, this is the Cardioid version, which is perfect if your microphone has no other directional patterns. As is the case with many studio microphones.

A lot of microphones widely used in the studio by the greatest sound engineers have this capsule which is of excellent quality.

This is the case with, for example in Home studio :

Telefunken TF29 with K67 capsule

Compatible with all Microphones

This K67 capsule is compatible with both XLR condenser and tube microphones. That’s the advantage. You can replace any microphone capsule with this one, and you’ll get superb sound.

The advantage is that you won’t need to spend $1000 into an original Neumann capsule to get an excellent frequency response for your microphone.

If you want the version for small 32mm microphones, there is also the excellent the t.bone Mikrofonkapsel SC400.

Which K67 capsule to choose ?

In conclusion, here is what I recommend as a K67 capsule replacement for your microphone.

If you have a large tube or large diaphragm condenser microphone, in cardioid version only, go with 34mm version the t.bone Microphone Capsule SCT700.

If you have a small phantom power condenser mics, rather portable, go for the 32 mm version. the t.bone Mikrofonkapsel SC400

Frankly between us, for the price, you won’t find cheaper anywhere else. The same capsules are often sold by mic brands, as replacements, for more than $200 each.

You should also know that the giant Thomann is the world leader in music in Europe, and will deliver all over the world.

Thomann Music store for microphone

Remember that no matter what the price of your capsule, if the electronics of your microphone are of good quality and the schematic is well thought out, you will get a perfect sound for any recording.

If you wish to build your own studio microphones, with quality components, you can consult our DIY Microphone Kits. We offer vintage microphone replicas such as the Neumann U87, Neumann U67, AKG C12 , AKG C414 or the prestigious Neumann U47 and Neumann M49 which uses the very famous capsules K47 and M7 Premiums.

These microphones have been part of microphone history for generations. So why don’t you jump ahead and get your own?

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