C12 DIY Kit

The outsider


Our kit is a perfect clone of the legendary AKG C12 tube microphone, the standard for years in the recording industry and studios around the world.

C12 DIY Microphone Kit

The original sound

With the CK12 capsule according to the original specifications, the sound of our kit is faithful to the original microphone found in the world’s largest studios.

The perfect clone

The schematic is a full replica of the original microphone. It is a side-address, large-diaphragm design based on CK12 capsule, a 6072 dual-triode glass tube, and a T14 transformer-coupled output circuit. All components are carefully matched and selected in our workshops. We attach great importance to the precision of our circuits to be as accurate as possible compared to the original.

AKG C12 inside

Included in the kit

*Microphone sold unassembled

The simplicity of assembly

All power supplies are delivered assembled and calibrated in our workshops in France according to the chosen kit. To allow you an optimal use of your microphone and an outstanding simplicity of manufacture.

Sound samples

Will you be able to recognize the original AKG C12 of the replica?

Microphone A : C12 DIY Kit

Microphone B : AKG C12 (1961)



Marvin O.
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" Bought from these guys twice now and both times the product has been excellent - would recommend to anyone! C12 is just perfect for my vox! "
Roberto R.
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" Full, open sound on drums in my little room and lovely high frequencies, so much better as overheads instead AKG C414 or Neumann KM184. "
Christopher S.
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" I Love everything about this mic. I went with the General Electric 12AT7wc Tube and the NOS Russian Oiled Paper Output capacitor. Ordered a pair and these are my new favourite mics in my locker. So smooth!!! Great lows without being woofy, a soft transient response without ANY loss in clarity and presence. I can't imagine a situation that this mic wont shine in. Thanks So Much!!! "
Jean Marc U.
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" tres belle qualité de matériel, sonorité en rapport.facile a monter, 2 jours pour un débutant. jm ( Angoulins, la rochelle) "
John P.
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" Awesome mic. Sounds beautiful! Easy build with very clear instructions. Very happy! "
Erick H.
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" mic&mod you're crazy guys (: this mic is sooo goood just I like it! "
Dominik H.
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" Sounds great and beautiful vintage style! I'm so happy! "
Christien L.
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" Magnifique micro et facile a monter 😉 La limited edition est superbe avec une couleur brillante et bien terminé. Le montage n'a pas été trop fastidieux si on connait bien son fer à souder (les cours de techno auront servi à qq chose !). Le temps de montage est grossomodo de 5h avec calibrage. J'attends avec impatience le nouveau kit U47 ! "
Evrard P.
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" Posséder un C12 a toujours été l'un de mes plus grand rêve, et c'est maintenant chose faite grâce à vous, mille merci pour ce kit fabuleux "

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